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How does it work?

The Nuts and Bolts of the platform


Enter activities towards your goals and meet them

Teams & Competition

Form teams and encourage team members to do well!


Earn points. Leaderboards give you glory, popularity and rewards!

Trivia & Quizzes

Trivia related to healthy lifestyle, activities and food to you. You take related quizzes and earn points


Integration with apps such as Runkeeper & steps tracking app

Personalized Dashboard

Track your activities & goals on a graphical dashboard


FeetApart For Employers

Social wellness helps create a positive change in your employees which results in happy and engaged employees. Healthy social pressure and accountability is the secret sauce for a successful company sponsored wellness initiative.

  • Healthy employees == Productive Employees

    Employee health & wellness is paramount to the organization's success and well being.

  • Lower Absenteeism

    Disengaged employees and absenteeism caused losses upwards of millions of dollars as per studies by PWC and Gallup’s.

  • Organization Engagement and Activity Index

    Our platform will provide you data insights into how well your employees are engaging and how active they are.

  • Reduced Insurance Premium

    With rising medical insurance costs, this could be just the way to negotiate better with your insurer to stem the rise in premium.

FeetApart For Employees

“Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation” - Nilofer Merchant(Columnist - Harvard Business Review). We’re averaging 9.3 hours a day, compared to 7.7 hours of sleeping. Sitting is so prevalent and so pervasive that we don’t even question how much we’re doing it.

  • Health & Lifestyle Improvement

    Employees set weekly goals for exercising, meditating and healthy eating. Peers can support or challenge these goals and win points.

  • Fitness in your pocket!

    Use our state of the art mobile(Android and iOS) apps to improve your fitness and connect with your peers.

  • Increased Social Interaction

    Interact and play with other colleagues whom you have just known as a face. Also get your family and friends on the platform.

  • Better Team Players

    Every employee belongs to a team, encourages participation and promotes team spirit.

  • Get Rewarded in Cash, Popularity and Respect!

    Our intelligent scoring & rewards module uses behavioral economics to motivate you towards improving your lifestyle and health. And your popularity!


Behind the Scenes - Data Crunching

FeetApart uses state-of-the-art data science to help the organization and the employees take actionable steps towards setting and achieving their goals.

  • Recommendation Engine

    FeetApart's recommendation engine suggests goals, activities & people personalized for you.

  • Personalization

    FeetApart provides the organization & the employee a personalized dashboard to view their data at different zoom levels using colorful charts and graphs.

  • Personalized Adaptive Running Plans

    Intelligent and adaptive running plans for running enthusiasts and beginners as well.

  • Employee and Organization mood analysis

    FeetApart helps to track the employees' and organization's mood and provides relevant suggestions based on that.


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